Our Processes

Our Recruitment Process

Beyond HR operates a recruitment system we refer to as the “Trinity”, it is a three-tier recruitment model that enables a high degree of transparency to our customized processes, while also providing our client a good tracking mechanism for each placement, enabling knowledge of what stage the process is at any given point in time. This provides a high degree of control and flexibility in evaluating decisions on the services needed for each project.

Search Phase >

At this phase, Beyond HR receives the job description from the client (job descriptions when unavailable, our consultants alongside the hiring manager and internal HR leader discuss and create one for the assignment), Locate and pre-screen potential candidates, Present potential candidates to the client, Arrange interviews between Client and Candidate and thoroughly debrief both parties.

Selection Phase >>

The select phase takes off once the Client and the Candidate show committed interest in each other and indicate mutual desire to take the next step in the recruitment process. At this phase the Client will prepare an offer letter for the Candidate and liaise with Beyond HR regarding the presentation of the offer to the Candidate. Beyond HR tend to act as a middleman at this phase ensuring both Candidate and Client get the best out of the new relationship.

Transition Phase >>>

The final phase of the “Trinity” starts once the presented offer is accepted and signed by the candidate, and moves to a very crucial stage of the process which involves the candidate resigning from their current employment, preparing for the new role, resumption at the new role, deep into the early days of adjusting to the new environment and colleagues, and continues for a period of about six months into the placed candidate‚Äôs new role so as to ensure a smooth start for both Client and Candidate.

We are client-centric, creative, and committed to delivering excellent and exceptional services to our clients

Our Learning and Development Process

E-Learning and Development

Beyond HR uses both formal and informal approaches which include the use of computer, networked and web-based technology (e-learning). Its effectiveness is increased by joining up different methods of learning and development (blended learning) and by encouraging self-directed learning to improve the performance of employees.

Beyond HR approaches to learning and development are underpinned by theories of how individuals learn and the concept of organizational learning.

Systematic Training

is systematic in that it is specifically designed, planned and implemented to meet defined needs. It is provided by experienced and skilled personnel who know how to train and the impact of training is carefully evaluated. Our systematic training process includes:

1.Identify training needs and matching it against the organizational goals in order to design what suits the organization.

2.Decide what sort of training is required to satisfy these needs.

3.Use experienced and trained trainers to implement training.( this includes the techniques ,facilities and identifying the location for the training)

4.Follow up and evaluate training to ensure that it is effective.

Delivery of e-learning

is delivered through websites and the intranet; CD-ROMs are also used extensively. Provision can be made for online coaching and discussion forums. The content can be delivered through PowerPoint, video and audio clips, drag and drop questions, PDF files, links to websites, and web-enabled forums and learning communities.

Our Resources

In addition to our growing internal database of over ten thousand candidates, we have a combined direct professional network connection of more than 100,000 and a reach of above twenty million professionals worldwide. We consistently attract highly skilled candidates, through targeted advertising, social networking, direct networking, referrals etc.

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Beyond HR is a professional human resource services firm established to connect great companies with exceptional talent, while also assisting them reach their human capital potentials.