Background & Verification Checks

Beyond HR run background checks for employers to assist them to scrutinize specific records of an individual and ensures that the information provided by the individual is accurate.

Some Checks Offered by Beyond HR include:

Credentials Check

Certain jobs/positions such as Certified Accountants, Architects, Lawyers, Construction and Building Professional, amongst others require prior credentials or professional licenses to perform, and we assist our clients with verifying these credentials

Education Background Check

Our educational background verification processes is aimed at authenticating candidates’ education claims, and usually involve getting in direct contact with universities, college, and administrative authorities of the cited educational institutions.

Resume Check

We conduct a resume check process through which we verify and crosscheck the quality of information provided by the candidate during interviews with the resume submitted an application to confirm consistency.

Residential Address Check

Address Verification procedure is another service Beyond HR provides the client. We ensure that the person had given out his/ her current as well as/or permanent residential addresses correctly, completely and honestly.

Reference Check

Beyond HR contact key individuals associated, in various capacities, to the applicant in his/ her previous jobs. These individuals may be a person’s peers, reporting managers, subordinates, associates, clients, supervisors – from previous jobs and may or may not be limited to contacting and communicating with the specific references provided by the applicant himself/ herself, we take a step further to reach out to other references exclusive of the ones provided by the applicant, in order to get clearer and more substantive details.

Employment Background Check

We also provide a full potential hire’s employment history to verify the candidate’s overall behavior, performance and work experience at one or more previous organization/s.

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